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Wed 18 May 2022

14:00-16:00    Accommodation

15:00-16:00    Registration

16:00-16:10    Opening & Welcome

16:10-17:10    Keynote Lecture by Craig S. Pikaard, RNA-directed DNA methylation and nucleolar dominance: seeking the “how” and “why” of genic and chromosomal silencing

Session 1 Abiotic factors in chromatin remodelling (chair Jiří Fajkus)

17:15-17:30    Célia Baroux, Super resolution imaging identifies light-inducible transcription superclusters towards the nuclear periphery in Arabidopsis

17:30-17:45    Vicente Rubio, Dangerous liaisons: COP1, DET1 and HY5 regulatory loops in controlling chromatin functions and plant development

17:45-18:00    Rocío Núñez Vázquez, Histone H3 variants: new players of the abiotic stress response in Arabidopsis

18:00-18:15    Léa Faivre, H3K4me3-H3K27me3 bivalency poises COR genes for induction

18:15-18:30    Daniel Schubert, Genetic and epigenetic control of heat stress memory in Cyanidioschyzon merolae

18:30-20:00    Accommodation / Průhonice park

20:00-23:00    Dinner & networking

Thu 19 May 2022

07:00-10:00    Breakfast in hotels

Session 2 DNA methylation, histone variants and modifications (chair Christel Carles)

09:00-09:15    Mathieu Ingouff, Insights into the dynamics of core actors of CG methylation maintenance in Arabidopsis

09:15-09:30    Ioanna Kakoulidou, Parental pericentromeric methylation status drives methylome remodeling and heterosis in Arabidopsis hybrids

09:30-09:45    Iris Sammarco, DNA methylation in the wild: stable environmentally-induced epigenetic signature across clones of the wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

09:45-10:00    Kateryna Fal, Manipulating Histone methylation in Arabidopsis with the dCas9 tool: de-repression of the CUC3 boundary gene as a study case

10:00-10:05    Minerva Trejo Arellano, Leveraging the evolutionary information in genomic and epigenomic databases to reconstruct DNA methylation systems

10:05-10:10    Pierre Bourguet, The H2A.W histone variant contributes to transposon silencing

10:10-10:15    Tomáš Kašpar, The function of SPT6L containing putative AGO-hook in the complex of Pol II

10:15-10:20    Vojtěch Čermák, What governs loci sensitivity to DNA methylation?

10:20-10:25    Rodolphe Dombey, Epigenetic regulation of transposable elements in duckweeds

10:25-10:30    Miguel Vega-Palas, A complex network of interactions governs DNA methylation at telomeric regions

10:30-11:00    Coffee break & discussion

Session 3 Chromatin dynamics and plant development (chair Aleš Pečinka)

11:00-11:15    Leor Eshed Williams, PRC2 and TrxG interactions required for the acquisition of new cell identity during regeneration in Arabidopsis

11:15-11:30    Sara Farrona, Novel interactors of the Polycomb Group (PcG) pathway and their role in plant development

11:30-11:45    Simon Amiard, Arabidopsis TRBs: All the same but all different?

11:45-11:50    Franziska Turck, The cis-regulatory code underpinning epigenetic gene regulation

11:50-11:55    Jordi Moreno-Romero, Polycomb activity regulates the response of Arabidopsis to plant proximity

11:55-12:00    Claire Jourdain, The histone-binding protein PDS5C regulates flowering and nuclear morphology in Arabidopsis

12:00-12:05    Naseem Samo, Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 represses storage reserve metabolism during seedling emergence

12:05-12:10    Aline V. Probst, The Histone Chaperone HIRA is a positive regulator of seed germination

12:10-12:25    Martin Trtílek (PSI), High-throughput automated phenotyping as a shortcut to more effective biostimulants: from seeds to crops

12:25-12:30    Tereza Dobisová (Labdeers), Seed-to-plant, plant-to-seed phenotyping

12:30-12:45    Photographing by Oliver Beneš

12:45-14:00    Lunch & networking

14:00-15:45    Poster session & discussion

Session 4 Transcribing through chromatin (chair Valérie Gaudin)

15:45-16:00    Klaus Grasser, Function of elongation factors associated with transcribing RNA polymerase II in Arabidopsis

16:00-16:15    Simon Obermeyer, Comparative analysis of different types of transcription elongation factors in A. thaliana

16:15-16:30    Rafał Archacki, BRAHMA-containing SWI/SNF complex prevailing in Arabidopsis requires BRD subunits for assembly and stability

16:30-16:45    Kateřina Adamusová, Gene repression by the epigenome of transcriptional elongation

16:45-17:00    Eduardo Mateo-Bonmati, Linking non-coding transcriptional termination with chromatin silencing

17:00-17:15    Julia Engelhorn, Pan-cistrome analysis of genetic and epigenetic variation influencing transcription factor binding sites in maize

17:15-17:20    Pavla Navrátilová, Promoter architecture and cis-regulatory landscape in barley

17:20-17:25    Hana Šimková, Intricate regulation of ribosomal RNA transcription in cereals

17:25-17:30    Konstantin Kutashev, Extensions of single molecule RNA fluorescense in situ hybridization method

17:30-18:00    Coffee break & discussion

Session 5 Telomeres and centromeres (chair Inna Lermontova)

18:00-18:05    Jiří Fajkus, Monophyletic origin of plant telomerase RNAs – how far it reaches?

18:05-18:20    Fredy Barneche, Antagonistic role of histone H1 on the H3K27me3 chromatin landscape at genes and telomeric repeats

18:20-18:35    Michal Závodník, New insights into telomere maintenance in plants with unusual telomeric sequences

18:35-18:50    Yi-Tzu Kuo, An independently evolved satellite DNA-based holocentromere is composed of megabase-scale centromere units in lilioid monocots

18:50-19:05    Ulkar Ahmadli, The centromere targeting mechanism of KNL2 and CENP-C proteins

19:05-19:10    Alžběta Kusová, Telomere-associated proteins in lower plants

19:10-19:15    Miloslava Fojtová, Dynamics of A. thaliana telomeres during callus propagation and the toolset for analysis of telomere lengths profiles

19:15-19:20    Agata Kilar, The epigenetic landscape of the plant TR gene

19:20-19:25    Manikandan Kalidass, The protein-protein interaction network of KNL2 in A. thaliana

19:25-19:30    Ramakrishna Yadala, CAF as a new centromere and kinetochore assembly factor in plants

19:30-19:35    Sheng Zuo, Recurrent duplications of kinetochore assembly factor KNL2 and its conserved function in plants

20:00-23:00    Dinner & networking & live music

Fri 20 May 2022

07:00-10:00    Breakfast in hotels

Session 6 Chromatin in plant reproductive development (chair François Roudier)

09:00-09:15    Yanru Li, H1 citrulination – an atypical modification regulating germline fate in Arabidopsis

09:15-09:30    Ruben Gutzat, Two AGO proteins with transposon-derived sRNA cargo mark the germline in Arabidopsis

09:30-09:45    Fen Yang, Defects in meiotic chromosome segregation lead to triploid offspring in Arabidopsis SMC5/6 complex mutants

09:45-10:00    Hua Jiang, H3K9 demethylases are required for male meiosis in Arabidopsis

10:00-10:15    Petra Procházková Schrumpfová, RUVBL proteins are involved in plant gametophyte development

10:15-10:20    Amit Kumar, Histone deacetylases regulate heat stress induced haploid embryogenesis in Brassica napus

10:20-10:25    Amit Kumar Singh, Investigation of chromatin remodelling function during meiosis and plant reproduction

10:25-11:00    Coffee break & discussion

Session 7 Chromatin in mitosis and DNA repair (chair Crisanto Gutierrez)

11:00-11:05    Aleš Pečinka, DNA protein crosslink repair – on the interface between chromatin and genome stability

11:05-11:20    Martina Nešpor Dadejová, Laser microirradiation as a versatile system for probing protein recruitment and protein-protein interactions at DNA lesions in plants

11:20-11:35    Jorge Fung-Uceda, Intricate relationship between H3K27me1 diurnal deposition and DNA damage response

11:35-11:50    Petr Cápal, Flow-sorted mitotic chromosomes as a tool to uncover their 3D architecture

11:50-11:55    Kateřina Kaduchová, Analysis of in vivo chromatin dynamics during mitotic division in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

11:55-12:00    Alžběta Doležalová, Oligo-FISH reveals spatial organization of rice chromosomes in interphase nuclei

12:00-12:15    Concluding remarks & awards

12:15             Departure

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